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Help in defending the traditional Church rituals
15-10-2008, 01:56 PM,
Help in defending the traditional Church rituals
Dear all,

I am currently having a debate with a friend on a facebook (which I again recommend that people sign up to an excellent place to spread information about British Orthodoxy and meet other Christians) group, which involves a number of people. The debate involves such a statement as this:

//I am a huge fan of the ceremony and rituals in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, they are far more in touch with the ordinary man and have been a part of church tradition from the founding by Christ as well as being sanctioned in the Church written Bible.//

Puritanical type:
'Those rituals are idolatry. They were not SANCTIFIED by Christ go ahead and show me where they are sanctified. Communion itself is as well as baptism but I could have some brethren at my house and pour wine and break bread and perform communion in prayer and devotion to the God of our folk and moreso because I and they would be as equals rather than with the priests and whomever calling the shots having me kneel before them etc etc.'

I have never been one to study theology in depth like Mr. Charmley and you other chaps and ladies and I am afraid I have left my orthodox books at home (I am at university). I could attempt to argue with this person but my answers will not be satisfactory as they could be. I wonder if you could provide me with some easily readible assistance and information to counter such accusations.

Many thanks,

Name: Louis

Occupation: Student studying History and Politics at Newcastle University.

Church: A member of Saint Felix's British Orthodox community in Norfolk.

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