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2008 Oriental Orthodox Fewstival
14-09-2008, 05:40 PM,
2008 Oriental Orthodox Fewstival
Plans for an Oriental Orthodox Festival in 2008 have rather been disrupted as it seemed appropriate that the Ethiopians should host it this year, because it coincided with their Millennium. Sadly, however, they have serious problems about accommodation as they are currently worshipping in borrowed churches, so lack the same flexibility they would enjoy if they had their own church premises.

However, the Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches is anxious that there should be a festival this year and Fr. Abraham Thomas of the Indian Orthodox community has offered to host it at their Church in Brockley, London, SE4. The date now agreed is Saturday, 22 November 2008.

It will follow a similar pattern to the last festival, with a celebration of the Divine Liturgy (beginning around 10.30 am), followed by lunch (with contributions of appropriate 'ethnic' dishes from each participating community), followed by a talk and general time for fellowship and getting to know one another.

A more detailed schedule will be available shortly.

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