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Indian Orthodox Church Annual Family Conference
28-08-2008, 09:13 PM,
Dear Rick,

Football? Soccer? I think it may have been Winston Churchill who described the British and the Americans as two peoples joined by a ccommon language but I think it was George Bernard Shaw who described us as two peoples divided by a common language!!! But football or soccer or whatever... I found the weekend wonderful, spiritual and holy. It was a delight. But something for me to remember was from the talk by one of the priests on the Saturday night, as part of the preparation for holy communion Sunday morning, to the effect that yes the fellowship and worship were wonderful that weekend but what change would be effected in our lives, what were we each going to do differently, what were we going to change as a result? Orthodoxy as ever and always to me I find no soft option but ever challenging and demanding - but then what else should I expect from Christ? What else should I expect from Love?


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