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The development of doctrine
13-11-2006, 05:56 PM,
Development of Doctrine
Fr Matta El Meskeen (Matthew the Poor) writes in his introduction to the second edition of Orthodox Prayer Life, 'The facts of faith are as firmly established as is God himself. However, our experience only intensifies their clarity and throws them into sharper relief, for God is truly revealed in his saints. Thus we know God , and always will know him only in proportion to the experience of his saints, those who fear him throughout the ages.'(Matthew the Poor, Orthodox Prayer Life, SVS Press, 2003, p.13)
By this I think he means that doctrine doesn't develop so much as be progressively revealed through those who live a life of deep holiness. It is impossible therefore that doctrine should simply evolve in accordance with the preoccupations of a secular society, inclusiveness, political correctness, and so on. Rather the development of doctrine is a mystical affair that leads the faithful 'into all truth' and is something carried out in the monastery and in the desert, wherever these two are found. For me this is a profoundly Orthodox understanding and is the one of the major differences between Orthodoxy and the rest of Christendom.
In Christ,

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