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Announcing the launch of
30-07-2008, 07:49 AM,
Dear Fr Gregory,

Thanks for your continued encouragement and help!

My concern with the mission statement is that it will bring more attention to the division.

After further exchanges with my Syrian Orthodox acquaintance, it would seem that the specific statement of mine at the root of his displeasure is that concerning the Indian Orthodox Church remaining in communion with the Church in spite of the Syrian Orthodox Church's ex-communication of her. He has taken this as an affront to the Syrian Orthodox Holy Synod's authority and has pointed to the example of particular Coptic clergy in the United States who have followed the Syrians on the matter and in turn refused communion to the Indians. I naturally responded by pointing to the many clergy who maintain communion with the Indians, and emphasised the fact that the mixed reaction of clergy only goes to reinforce the fact that, on an official level, communion is indeed maintained until the respective Synods of the various other OO churches, or a universal Synod, take one stance or another. He couldn't really dispute much with that; his tone changed dramatically and his last word on the matter was, in effect: "Listen, i'm telling you that your comments are going to alienate a substantial segment of the Oriental Orthodox Church, no doubt myself. Do with my warning what you will."

As much as your modification of the relevant footnote (in similar fashion to the one Fr Simon kindly suggested) is better worded than mine (and as such, a better alternative in any event), I do not think it will do much in the way of alleviating our Syrian friends? concerns.

Any further thoughts you may have on solving this problem in light of the above contextual clarification would be appreciated. I will wait for any further response before making any final change.

"Come and incline your ear to the voice of your Mother who gives you life by the sweet music of her voice. Come and suck the sweet milk of Orthodox doctrine from the living breast of the Mother who bore you" - St Philoxenus of Mabug

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