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new to celtic orthodoxy input please!
22-07-2008, 06:56 PM,
new to celtic orthodoxy input please!
I have been church investigating for a few years now without finding what i am looking for and the idea of Celtic Orthodoxy feels the most right so far. I can't help feeling that if it could expand and make itself more known and do so in the right way it could trigger a great revival. How could this be done. I am based in Bristol and would love to help build some sutch. I don't think i have a calling to priesthood but i have energy and passion. How could this be done? Where would the priests come from. They can't be made in a day but with the spread of the early church they didn't seem to go to college for 5 years.
If it were possible to help build a new parish it would be an amazing opportunity to present ancient and timeless ideas and ritual with a fresh approach. This freshness is perhaps what the church needs.

Dan Ashton

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