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Sola Scriptura, the NT Canon and the Church
27-08-2008, 12:45 PM,
Re: Sola Scriptura, the NT Canon and the Church
John Charmley Wrote:. . . the question of the place of Tradition in the teaching of the Orthodox Church as opposed to the more Protestant view of Sola Scriptura.

Dear BOF Discussion Community,

It shouldn't be this way probably, but frankly I don't have a very high level of interest in debating this question anymore than I do traditional Calvinist and Arminian schools of thought. And, this is because rarely is there a listening on the part of the participants to what each other is saying, and often there is a lacking of information on both parts as it relates to the other's tradition.

So why am I here posting in this thread? It is just to add the comment that to consider (or pit) the Tradition of the Orthodox Church in relation to the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura is really an unfair thing to do. In many ways it is like setting up a match between a champion boxer and a paraplegic propped up in a wheel chair. But, it is done all the time.

What I mean is that Sola Scriptura isolated from the rest of the doctrines of the Reformers (as if it was the only pillar of the Protestants) is a stupid thing. I think this goes without saying. But, this was not the only pillar of the Reformers was it? There were others not the least of which was:

sola fide, sola gracia, and sola Christe

and as these come into play as it relates to the reading and the understanding of the written Word, as taught by some viz. Barth, there will still be room for disagreement between the Orthodox and the Protestants; but, as it relates to the doctrine of Sola Scriptura the discussion moves to a much different arena. Sola Scriptura presented in light of fides, gracia, and Christe alone is no longer without defense, it is no longer something to be viewed as the product of a mad German theologian operating in a state of stupor.

So, I guess I'm not really sure what the real point of my post is here, but, for what it's worth I think I am just trying to point out that any conversations about Sola Scriptura should really include more of a big picture understanding of what is implied (and possibly assumed).

In the End, I think it is very possible that these two traditions need each other desperately. Maybe I should go find a Protestant website and start a thread titled "A Generous Protestantism?"

In Christ,

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