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Orthodox worship to a Western Rite
30-10-2006, 05:23 PM,
Orthodox worship to a Western Rite
I've been doing some reading on this subject and it seems that, as far back as 1879, the Moscow Patriarchate authorised to the of the Western Gregorian Canon for Orthodox Christians in the US. In the early years of the 20th century Bishop Tikhon (who was the "evangeliser of the US" and later became the Moscow Patriarch and was canonised following his martyrdom at the hands of Stalin) authorised a modified version of the Anglican Prayer Book. He believed that in order to evangelise the West, Orthodox Christianity had to have available Western Rites dating from before the Great Schism or corrected to a pre schism theology.

In England the Sarum usage lasted from well before the Great Schism up to the introduction of the 1549 Book of Common Prayer. It is therefore a Rite of the Universal Church. Although the heretical filioque found its way into it, once that is removed, there is nothing in there incompatible with Orthodox Christianity. That is true according to the Antiochian Orthodox Church in the US, in any event. One of the aims of the BOC is, to quote:

"The mission of the British Orthodox Church within the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate is to share the good news of the Orthodox Faith with British people in their own culture."

It is admitted by all Orthodox jurisdictions who are currently represented in the UK that Britain was Orthodox until the coming of the Normans in 1066 with their bishops loyal to the Pope. It is also recognised that the British Isles were among the first countries to be Christianised. So we had a thousand years of Orthodox Christianity. Yet we had our own Liturgies which were local variations of the Liturgies of the East. The Lorrha (or Stowe) Missal was in use in Ireland, Britain and Gaul. Sarum came later but was still a usge of the Universal Church. If the BOC is keen to share the good news with the British people in their own culture, would it ever consider adopting a Rite familiar to our culture.

I need no convincing that Orthodox Christianity is the original Church of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. The more I read into Orthodox theology the more I become convinced that error spread outwards, firstly to Rome and then even bigger errors in the reformation. But invasion brought those errors to Orthodox Britain. Having experienced several times the great Liturgies of the East, I can admire their beauty and magnificence. Yet they sound alien to our culture which isn't surprising. Perhaps this is a feeling which would go away after much more experience of Orthodox Christianity, but perhaps it wouldn't.

My personal view is that if any Orthodox jurisdiction were to introduce a Western Rite in Britian it would experience exponential growth. This has been the case with the Antiochians who have done this in the US but show no interest in doing it here. We anglophones have time honoured Christian Rites which are theologically sound and culturally our own.
Yours in Christ

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