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Lecture by the Ecumenical Patriarch
13-06-2008, 08:44 AM,
Lecture by the Ecumenical Patriarch
There is an interesting paper here which was given before the Pontifical Oriental Institute in March by the EP.

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He seems to me to be both entirely Orthodox and generous in the way in which we have been discussing over past months. Neither denying his Orthodoxy but responding to others in a positive manner.

Reports of this paper around the world also refer to comments made by Metropolitan of Pergamon Ioannis Zizioulas...

..... an eminent Orthodox theologian, spoke with AsiaNews about the difficult ecumenical path with the Russian Orthodox Church. This comes just a day after a representative of the Moscow Patriarchate advised Orthodox believers not to pray with members of other Christian confessions.

?In the Eastern Church, especially in the Russian Church, there is a degree of insularity that leads to conservatism. There is an inability to face the challenges of the modern world, with tradition as an excuse,? Metropolitan Ioannis said.

The prelate, who accompanied the Patriarch Bartholomew to Rome where he met Benedict XVI today, said that ?the true value of tradition is only reached when we can reshape our tradition. Tradition as the Christian Church?s message does not mean doing nothing; instead it contains truth?s momentum and does not fear the challenge of the contemporary world.?

It is interesting that there is this manifest dichotomy between those who believe that Orthodoxy requires a rigidity in the face of the modern world, and those who believe it requires a certain creativity, more dangerous undoubtedly if it goes wrong, but more likely to bear life.

I think the British Orthodox Church takes the route described by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Metropolitan John. We do not need to fear the world, rather to respond to it on love and life.


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