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BOC Conference at Mickfield
11-05-2008, 10:24 AM,
Hello John,

Yes, I agree with all you have said. The day was a joy to all who attended, the venue and hosts truly inspiring in the Franciscan way of 'hospitality comes first'. It was also lovely to be back in the Suffolk countryside again after having left Suffolk for the West of England in the 90's, the countryside around St. Andrews was particularly colourful with rape seed fields and wild flowers which were a joy to see.

The talks by our various members and speakers were truly remarkable and I am sure much time had gone into preparing them for the event. I look forward to being able to listen to them again when released on a CD.

I hope that we may be able have an annual BOC Day, which brings members and fellowship members together to learn, worship and make new friends. It was lovely to meet the Cusworth clergy and people yesterday and indeed makes me feel 'not as isolated' as I think I am sometimes.

Thank you all for a wonderful day, which I shall remember for a longtime to come, and I look forward to seeing again in the future.

Thanks again to the good people of St. Andrews for making myself and our group so welcome. I was lucky to have come up the day before and had St. Andrews to myself for a while and it was a joy to say evening prayer with Mark at 6pm on the Friday evening, the bird song and light through the windows of the church will stay with me for many months to come.

God Bless you all.

Subdeacon Antony

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