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Just Introducing Myself
22-04-2008, 01:12 PM,
Just Introducing Myself
Peace Love Blessings To all in our Lord Jesus Christ, Big Grin

Hello my baptism name is MaryVeronica, as a child I grew up a protesant in the methodist church.

When I was 17 I went to a Billy Graham crusade where I gave my life to Christ and from that moment on I thought I was saved and that it was just a matter of finding a church.

As I got older I found that I joined every so called church that I attended as I was seeking God but could not find him and nothing in my life changed until my husband started a long study of the early church and what they taught and believed.

After that I was finally able to learn the truth and I was so exited I
rang a Coptic priest and asked could he please baptize me. We had a beautiful talk and our family ended up in the Coptic Church at Guildford, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, where we have been happly attending for 4 years.

Lots of love to all Big Grin



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