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British Orthodox Day Conference
27-03-2008, 12:25 PM,
Thanks Peter, I appreciate 'your' comments, I would love to visit the UK or if you are ever in my neck of the woods it would be great if we could get together. Thanks for taking me seriously, unlike your esteemed colleague, who shall not be named . . . honestly John, I am beginning to suspect you are making sport of my proposed voyage. Let's be for real here! Even if one of my neighbors actually had a balloon that I could borrow, I don't know how to steer one of these. There's no telling where I would end up. I would be liable to blow into somewhere like Russia and cause an international incident. And, consider the cost, by the time I hire a balloon pilot to fly me over to the UK . . . this could have paid for the gas for two trips in the bass boat! Seriously John, one must use one's head when making such decisions in order to not make foolish decisions. Actually, the way I have it pictured is as I begin approaching the UK, the UK press gets wind of this and then possibly the Queen reads about this and decides to send out the Royal Navy to escort me in on the final leg--possibly even a band will be there playing as I pull up and tie off. Yes, much better than a balloon all things considered. Well I have to go now, they say it is time for me to take my medicine.

Thanks again Peter, I am English, Irish, and German. I have actually desired to visit these countries in the past, and now after 'meeting' you and your cohort, I have an extra incentive to visit England.

Now I'll be quiet so you can get back to the business of filling up your car for the conference.

In Christ,

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