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British Orthodox Day Conference
23-03-2008, 08:47 PM,
Abba Seraphim on British Orthodox Day Conference

21 March, 2008

My dear Fathers and Brethren,

British Orthodox Day Conference,
Saturday, 10 May 2008

The British Orthodox Church has arranged a Day Conference for 10 May, which is not just for the clergy but also for lay members of the Church, to which we are also extending an invitation to our wider circle of catechumens, friends and supporters within the British Orthodox Fellowship.

Although the British Orthodox Church is ?committed to the restoration of Orthodoxy among the indigenous population? and desires to ?provide a powerful witness to the Orthodox Faith and Tradition in an increasingly secular society? we recognise that these objectives require the goodwill and support of a far wider group of Christians than our own members. We have brethren in other churches who share our fidelity to Apostolic Faith and Order and there are some who are still seeking after Truth. We want to explore more ways in which we can be co-workers in mission. At the same time we also need to make full use of our limited resources and more fully employ the talents of all our members.

I would encourage your support for this Day Conference. I pray that Almighty God will enable it to be a blessing for us all and an inspiration in the days ahead.

Affectionately in XP,

+ Seraphim

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