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Lazarus Banda
18-09-2008, 08:16 AM,
lazarus banda
With thanks to all those who have prayed for Lazarus Banda I need to now explain that, despite hundreds of signatures collected on petitions in the North Kent area, and despite a very strong case presented to the Home Office by the MP Jonathan Shaw, Mr Banda was once again denied the right to work in the UK, without any explanation given.
Mr Banda needs to work in order to support his family in Zimbabwe who have been reduced to having food only once in three days.
Mr Banda's greatest fear is that, with the recent cosmetic changes given to the Mugabe regime, the Home Office will use this as an excuse to deport him to Zimbabwe, which would mean certain death.
I therefore ask everything to pray for him and his family, asking also, that if anyone knows anyone with any political/legal clout, please ask them to help.
Kirk Yacoub

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