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Lazarus Banda
04-03-2008, 09:17 AM,
Lazarus Banda
I ask everyone to pray for Lazarus Banda who fled to the UK from Zimbabwe in 2003 having been tortured by that country's political police.
Although he has no home to return to, because the authorities in Zimbabwe have demolished the family home and forcibly split up his family, he is still in danger of being deported from the UK. Currently he is being sheltered by the Carmelite Friars at Aylesford Priory, Kent.

My wife asks that your prayers be directed through the late John Bradburne, a third order Franciscan who lived a life similar to the Desert Fathers and who served the inmates of a leper colony in Zimbabwe for many years before being murdered in 1979. He is currently having his case for canonization reviewed by the Vatican.

For those of you who are able to find other assistance for Lazarus Banda, through local MPs, journalists or anyone else who can help, his Home Office Reference number is W1074782, Port Reference LBF/429285.
His telephone number will be given to those who contact me.

Kirk Yacoub

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