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educational support for newcomer
06-02-2008, 11:56 AM,
educational support for newcomer
Allow me to introduce myself.I am a 62 retired doctor and a Roman Catholic
My theological knowledge is minimal and did not even realize that there was a British Orthodox Church.
It therefore gave me great pleasure to find your site and the existence of the Orthodox Church in the UK.
The posts show a great deal of theological knowledge,depth of belief and a desire to share,help and inform.
Reading about the differences between the Catholic and Orthodox beliefs I find that the Orthodox views are often more aligned to what "feels right" .
The simple substitute of "through" instead of "and" answered the FILOQUE problem" from the Father and the Son" Which I could not understand previously.

"Our Daily Life" is excellent-congratulations on its publications.
As I become older the prayer of silence is becoming increasingly attractive and needed.
The closer to Christs' true unadulterated historical message we can get the better.

A few Questions-Which is the "best bible" easily available in English to read.There appears to be divided opinion.The one which is true to the Orthodox tradition and accurate translation. King James appears to be popular-there does seem to be a poetry there missing in some translations.
Has there been any further development of the modules?

Is there a study web site?Which covers the basic essentials for a newcomer."Orthodox for beginners"
In particular the differences between the RC and OO .Thank you

The Roman Catholic Church has individual guided silent retreats- of 6-8 days duration Is there similar within the British Orthodox Movement?
The object being to be guided about orthodox beliefs,the opportunity to discuss ,think and pray in silence.

Living in Devon the nearest Orthodox Church appears to at Glastonbury-nearly 120 miles away . A retreat therefore is an ideal way of gaining knowledge and experience.
A few of my many Questions as I embark on my journey of trying to understand.

Thank you for this site a great source of joy and knowledge. John Francis

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