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An Amuzing Christmas lineup
15-12-2007, 05:37 PM,
An Amuzing Christmas lineup
Just thought id tell everyone about my multi-Christian line up for Christmas, it should be rather fun!

Due to Father Anthony's retirement to Scotland the Christmas eve service is no longer on at Saint Felix but I shall be attending the service for the 23rd. On Christmas eve itself I shall be attending an Anglican carol service followed by a Catholic service with my girl friend, Laura, and her family. Having dragged Laura along to a British orthodox service before and insisted she stay through the bible study I think I owe to go with her family for Christmas eve, and besides as I have said there are no Orthodox services on for that evening. Finally on Christmas morning I will be going with my mother to another anglican church of which I used to go with my grandmother and grandfather.

I must say I shall be worn out by the end. The Catholic mass shall be interesting, but don't worry I firmly remain loyal to the pure (as Anne put very well) Orthodox Church!

Just thought that was an amuzing little lineup. Hope everyone has a fun Christmas.
Name: Louis

Occupation: Student studying History and Politics at Newcastle University.

Church: A member of Saint Felix's British Orthodox community in Norfolk.

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