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I am so excited ...
14-12-2007, 11:12 AM,
I am so excited ...
I have just ordered from Ebay a 'proper' incense burner, with myrrh and frankincense resin along with the charcoal to burn in my home this Christmas. I have not 'knowingly' smelt either, although I probably did in services in Jerusalem without realising. It will be so wonderful to have the original aromas of these fragrances around the house at this most Holy of times.

I am, going to set up a small 'altar' in the living room and my project today is to locate some icons, it will be rather subtle to put up icons of the Holy Mother and Our Saviour at this point and then I will merely not remove them on January 6th.

I feel a great sense of rebirth this Christmas, I have just printed off the orthodox prayers to go and pray the 'Orthodox Way' for the first time and I know that I will experience something quite profound.

Could we not have a virtual church on the site? Rather modern I know but a real service conducted online for those who are miles away from a BOC service. I know some of the Orthodox churches in the US podcast their services using realplayer for people around the world to join them. (Just a suggestion - sorry if it offends anyone)

God Bless You All

Anne Bradburn

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I am so excited ... - AnneBradburn - 14-12-2007, 11:12 AM
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