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Christmas and a Bible
15-12-2007, 04:50 AM,
As one of those who is less than enthusiastic about ? well, let me be perfectly frank: positively hostile to! ? the so-called ?Orthodox Study Bible?, let me recommend some relatively readily available really Orthodox texts:

For the Old Testament, there is a definitively Orthodox (Eastern and Oriental) text (which is not the one included in the so-called ?Orthodox Study Bible?): the Septuagint. Once very difficult to obtain in English, it is now readily available in a reprint of Brenton?s version. Happily, a whole contingent of scholars is working on a new translation.

The best Orthodox version of the Psalms is: ?The Psalter, According to the Seventy, of St David, the Prophet and King? published by Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Boston). For those with an enthusiasm for the ancient Coptic version of the Septuagint Psalms in English translation, it has been used for ?The Agbeya. The Coptic Book of Hours? published by St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church in California.

For the New Testament, the English translation of the official Orthodox Greek text is available as: ?The Orthodox New Testament?, Volume I: ?Evangelistarion: The Holy Gospels? and Volume II: ?Praxapostolos: Acts, Epistles and Revelation? published by Holy Apostles Convent (Colorado).

I am happy to provide more details should anyone need them.

Likewise, if anyone require information about excellent sources not only for the ?sweetness? of Orthodox Scripture, but of Orthodox incense, I have found a couple of reliable Orthodox sources, and can attest to the superb purity of the products (in a wonderful range) and to the efficiency and kindness of the sellers.

Fr Gregory

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