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The Future of the Orthodox Churches
03-12-2007, 02:36 PM,
The Future of the Orthodox Churches
Dear all,

It is quite possible that in 3 or 4 generations time there will be no substantial Christian presence left in the Middle East. It would seem to me that the question of what Christianity will look like in the future is very important to ponder. Particularly because the Oriental Orthodox who other the Armenians and Ethiopians/Eritreans, Indians are likely to be in the wilderness so to speak without some very significant change occurring.

The issue also is perhaps more of the problem of there being in the future little or no Christian presence in the region than the movement of Christians away from the Middle East - diaspora is a common theme in Christian history after all. (?)

Could it be in a few decades time that the Coptic Pope resides in the USA or Europe as the head of the Church of the East now does?

any thoughts,

In Christ,


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