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The BOC + evangelisation + the Copts
06-10-2007, 10:13 AM,
The BOC + evangelisation + the Copts
Dear all,

I have been thinking recently about the wider issue of evangelizing in the British Isles outside of established Christian groups that is with a general focus for any Christian group trying to gain converts.

With regards to the BOC is there likely to exist an issue of any kind given that the BOC is under the care of the Coptic Patriarchate which traditionally has not focused evangelisation efforts outside of the Coptic population? (at least as far as I am aware, please correct me if I am wrong!)

I should qualify this question really by stating that I understand the Coptic approach in edifying its own people to a very great degree, something which I highly admire and is seen in the love that the Copts have for the Church.

In Christ,


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