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Eastern Christianity
28-09-2007, 12:43 PM,
Eastern Christianity
Dear all,

I am studying the topic of Eastern and Orthodox Christianity at University.
I am however faced with somewhat of a problem with gaining access to some of the reading material for my courses. Although the library is very good and the class sizes small; the material is rare and expensive to say the least. With that in mind I was wondering if any of the Fellowship members know of anywhere I could get hold of for a reasonable price or indeed borrow any of the following books;

Menachery, G. (ed.) St. Thomas Christian Encyclopedia of India, 2 vols., (Trichur: St. Thomas Encyclopedia of India: 1973)

Moffett, S., A History of Christianity in Asia, vol. 1 (San Franscisco: 1992)

Baum, W. & Winkler, D., The Church of the East. A Concise History (Routledge, London: 2000)

Baynes N.H. Constantine the Great and the Christian Church, 2nd ed., (Oxford: 1972)

Burkitt, F.C. Early Eastern Christianity. St. Margaret;s Lectures 1904 (Ann Arbour, London: 1979 (reprint 1904)

Griggs, W. Early Egyptian Christianity from its Origins to 451 C.E. (Leiden: 1990)

Grillmeier, A. Christ in Christian Tradition. Vol. 1 From the Apostolic Age to Chalcedon (451), 2nd ed. [trans.] (London: 1975)

Kelly, J.N.D. Early Christian Doctrines (5th ed., London: Contiunuum, 2004)

Meinardus, O. Christian Egypt, Ancient and Modern (Cairo: 1977)

Neill, S. A History of Christianity in India: the Beginnings to A.D. 1701 (Cambridge: 1984)

Palmer, A. Monk and Mason on the Tigris Frontier: the Early History of Tur Abdin (Cambridge: 1990)

Stevenson, J. Creeds, Councils and Controversies AD 337 - 461 (London: 1966)

Trimingham, J. Christianity amongst the Arabs in pre-Islamic Times (London: 1979)

Wallace-Hadrill, D.S. Christian Antioch: A Study of Early Christian Thought in the East (Cambridge: 1982)

Watterson, B. Coptic Egypt (Edinburgh: 1988)

Weinandy, T.G. & Keating, D.A. The Theology of St. Cyril of Alexandria (Edinburgh: T & T, 2003)

Young, F. The Making of Creeds (London: SCM, 1991)

I realise it is quite a list, not all are essential by any means but even if you know of where to find one or two I would be in your debt. The condition of the books is not really an issue for me either as long as they are in English and I can read them!

with many thanks in advance,

In Christ,


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