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09-04-2009, 01:15 PM,
This is an interesting topic and the perspective which has been shed upon it. The fathers speak of the purifying by fire, but what is this fire, when does it occur and what is it that is burned up. We are taught that when the crop is ready for harvest that the chaff will be thrown into the furnace, but what is this chaff? Is it individual souls? Or can it also be that component of the righteous - that which is in each individual - that fails to gain entry to the kingdom? Where the Catholics believe that we must have a place and time for purification, is not possible that God can do the remaining purification that we could not achieve in our Earthly life? For in our Christian lives we are called by God to participate in our salvation, we do our part and God does the rest: we partake of the sacraments, we follow the commandments, etc. but can we ever earn our salvation? No. God's grace does the rest. Should we then expect this to change when we repose? God is a faithful father, I don't think He's going to renege when our time is complete in this world.

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