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The nature of the Church and its boundaries
02-09-2007, 05:19 PM,
Dear John

It was actually a great blessing to be at St Felix's yesterday and I received far more than I gave. The drive there and back was a pleasant one and gave me much time for quiet reflection, although yesterday evening I could hardly move my arms without pain shooting up them, and this morning I was still aching. So if you find a prayer for backs let me know if it can be used for arms.

This morning at Liturgy I was blessed again, as we had 15 of us worshipping and communing, and from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. It was wonderful to have hearty responses to all the congregational parts. Many of our visitors and regular congregation are Indian Orthodox and they seem to have a great tradition of congregational participation.

In terms of the topic of this thread, I am blessed to experience every Sunday a sense of the breadth of the Church in terms of ethnicity. Just last Sunday one of our Indian brothers told me that our British Orthodox Church in Chatham was 'his Church'.

If we can be his Church while also being a Church in which us English people feel at home then we must be doing something right.


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