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Growth and Size of the BOC/COP
25-05-2007, 02:11 PM,
Growth and Size of the BOC/COP
Dear all,

Having begun to read up on the Coptic Church in general it would appear that it is a Church which has undergone nearly exponential growth in the last century around the world but also in Egypt. What I would be interested to find out is how many Copts, (British and French Orthodox included) there are following this period of increase?

I suppose it is easy to surmise why the Coptic Patriarchate is growing in that it is genuinely Orthodox with a big and small 'O' but that is from an outsider's perspective (ie me).

What does HH Shenouda say on this issue or indeed those in the BOC or BOF?

Are there converts to the Coptic Church who are not of Egyptian origin in the USA and Australia?

with thanks


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