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Monasticism Interiorized
02-05-2007, 03:46 PM,
Peter, thanks for the thoughts here and at Monachos.

Your final suggestion is very much what I have thought about.

When I was a charismatic, there were no end of self-appointed ministry leaders, who seemed to have little to say in the long run, certainly not on the real issues.

When i was a calvinist, the idea of ascesis didn't figure, and there was still no one to turn to.

There are three counsels:


Well, we are poor, as a family, without even a car, but never poor enough, and I need to tackle some sacrificial giving, something I have always failed to do, especially when there are more books to buy!


This has been one of my biggest difficulties, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life. Not that I have actually done anything, but the desire is there, if only in jealousy for what I don't have, or fantasies about getting it, or delusions of grandeur about what I do have. And I don't mean just sexual matters of course.


For me this would involve a rule of prayer - which BOF have provided; some guided reading - for instance suggestions about two books to read; and as you suggest, spiritual direction on matters arising.

I am prone to putting intellectual pursuits before everything else, and even though I have cut back, yet the idea of not studying something theological, instead of doing something else - like praying! - is still a part of my 'addiction'. Even with only 1 hour at lunch time to spend on the internet, i realise it's time i could spend doing something else, like the midday prayers. I need to find a balance, and one that fits me: the crime of legalism is that I must fit into someone else's clothes!
[b]Fides Qu?rens Intellectum[/b]

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