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Lazarus Banda
27-02-2009, 09:19 AM,
Lazarus Banda
As some of you already know, Mr Lazarus Banda is a refugee in the UK, having escaped from Zimbabwe after being tortured. He is currently being sheltered by the Fathers at Aylesford Priory in Kent. The Home Office, in particular the UK Border Agency have been playing a cruel psychological game with him and,following a letter from the said Agency earlier this year, he is still being played with. On the one hand he is being told that he should prepare himself for deportation, and on the other he is being told that it could be the summer of 2011 before his case is heard. He is seeking to have the right to search for work, but is told that he cannot do so because it would be unfair on those who have complied with immigration rules - as if someone fleeing for their life from the Mugabe regime can be in a position to obey rules!
I ask you all not only to pray for Lazarus Banda, but also to contact his MP, Jonathan Shaw, who has been working tirelessly on Mr Banda's behalf,
on (01634) 811573 in order to see what help you can give.

Kirk Yacoub
02-04-2009, 08:11 AM,
lazarus banda
Yesterday Mr Lazarus Banda informed me that he has received a letter from the Home Office which, according to his solicitor, is very good news, and that he will soon be allowed to stay and work in the UK.
Lazarus asks me to thank everyone who has helped him, either through prayer, or other means.
Let us thank God for His goodness!

Kirk Yacoub

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