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06-02-2009, 11:25 AM,
Please accept my apologies for the triple submission of my posting on the Communion of the Saints.

I do have extreme difficulties accessing and using this site, despite trying from two or three different computers, including one set up for very high quality access involving high speed and integrated transfer of accurate and sophisticated information from different websites simultaneously. The computer can cope with all of that but still finds most of the time accessing this site a snail's pace and invariably gets timed out or can't find the website notice. Then once I am into the site, accessing the pages within it can be equally problematic and then after writing a post I now copy and paste them elsewhere as a backup so as to avoid losing them when the same time out happens when attempting to post. Then all of a sudden I can access and use the site fine albeit briefly before it returns to its usual state of affairs.

I do not mention any of this as a moan but to explain my erratic postings and also in case anyone else out there ever experiences any similar problems. For me they are more or less continuous issues with this site.

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