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Living Fellowship - forum - 24-04-2007

Dear Peter

This just to say thank you for the first edition of 'Living Fellowship' and for all the hard work that must have gone into producing it. I found the articles very enlighting and especially His Holiness's address, a great spiritual 'feast'! I look forward to the next issue with much anticipation.

With love in Christ Jackie-Sarah

Living Fellowship - John Charmley - 25-04-2007

Dear Jackie-Sarah,

I would like to join you in thanking Peter; it is, I think, both attractively produced and has some interesting pieces in it. I know that Peter is entirely open to suggestions about future content - and contributions - so if members of the Fellowship have any suggestions about the content of future issues - or even wish to contribute, I am sure that Peter would welcome all suggestions. It is the magazine of the Fellowship, so it is up to us to help Peter.

In Christ,