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Recommended thread idea? - JGHunter - 14-06-2014

Is it possible for a moderator to post a thread somewhere and sticky it so that it always appears right at the top of the list of threads, no matter when the last post was made?

If so, I don't know which category would be best, but I would recommend a thread aimed at getting people to post their town/nearest town, just so inquirers can find one another. I find it very likely the British Orthodox Church has a great opportunity and many inquirers who want to meet but lack the resources, not the initiative. If people could just see a list of members posting on a thread with their town name, I think this could only assist in the future creation of parishes. I found out, for example, that an old friend from mine from Dumbarton is interested in the BOC, north of Glasgow, and he has no opportunity (though I believe he is visiting the Glastonbury service next weekend whilst seeing family). Just an idea.

RE: Recommended thread idea? - Fr Simon - 27-07-2014

I think this a splendid idea and I shall certainly suggest it to the Moderator in the hope that when he returns from his time away that (technical and other issues that I am probably completely unaware of) if may come to pass as soon as possible,