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Discovering Orthodoxy Catechesis course - DanielM - 26-07-2013

Hi all,

Fr Peter has established a free online Catechesis. It currently has over 1000 students.

Here is the link, ( the sign up is at the top.

God Bless and keep you,

RE: Discovering Orthodoxy Catechesis course - kate - 30-12-2013

What do we kiss? We kiss the cross, the Gospel Book, the back of the bishop’s hand or priest’s hand, we kiss icons, relics of saints, we kiss the altar curtain, those ordained and within the altar kiss the corners of the holy table… But is this really so very strange or odd to go round kissing objects like this? After all, only recently across the newspapers, television and internet was the image of Roger Federer kissing the Wimbledon tennis trophy he had just won back after losing the final the previous year. (This was written in 2009 - I am told by one television spectator that rather than kissing the trophy, she thought this year's winner appeared to bite it - a practice I would prefer not to encourage, especially when kissing the priest's hand!)