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Citydesert blog - Fr Gregory - 08-02-2013

I have reactivated my blog, Citydesert, on which I last posted in October 2009: this blog offers explorations of Eastern Christian spirituality in the context of modern urban living. It follows in the tradition of the illustrious Saint, John Cassian (ca360-cs432) who sought to translate the Desert Spirituality he experienced in the Christian East into the life of urban Western Christians.

RE: Citydesert blog - Antony-Paul - 10-02-2013

Dear Father Gregory,

I have begun to read and ponder your blogs. Very thought provoking, not simply for hermits but for anyone trying to be a 'better' Christian - most encouraging, and I look forward to more as time passes.

RE: Citydesert blog - eman - 18-09-2013

I really like your way of expressing the opinion and sharing the information..