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Forum activity - DanielM - 28-06-2012

I have noticed a distinct lack of activity on the forum in the last 6 months or so.

Any suggestions on how to make it more active? Many make it more open or try to promote the use of the forum amongst the congregations?

Any suggestion will be great, so we can pass it on.

RE: Forum activity - Antony-Paul - 28-06-2012

Dear Daniel,
I have recently made a proposal to Father Simon which bears on this issue. For reasons which will be clear shortly I will not raise the idea here (I must await authority under obedience!)but hope to see you on Sunday when I can let you know about it.
I am replying now simply to let you (and others) know that you are not alone in wishing to develop this forum.

RE: Forum activity - DanielM - 28-06-2012

Thank you for the update Antony.

God willing I will see you on Sunday.

RE: Forum activity - bestfriend - 16-11-2013

yes you can be baptised. No matter what faith you are from Jesus will accept you. Jesus has called priest to do his work here on earth.If you are still interested in Jesus and the orthodox church contact Father Peter b.o.c priest.