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Monophysitism - Peter Cvek - 22-06-2012

Dear Brother in Christ,

My name is Peter Cvek and I am contacting you from the state of Victoria in Australia.. I am a seeker for a spiritual home within the ancient orthodox, ante-nicene, tradition.. Could you please inform me of the current views regarding the union of Christ's two natures as taught by the Coptic Orthodox Church.. I have heard from Copts that the Monophysite heresy attributed to them was a political rather than a theological reality and manouver... I believe that Christ was truly God and truly man, but fully concur with Bishop Hippolytus of Porto in also qualifying this union as a " COMINGLING" yet without " CONFUSING" of the two natures; much like the warp and woof of His seamless garment ( Hippolytus, " On Christ and Antichrist")... Is the teaching of Hippolytus closer to the actual Coptic Orthodox position, as opposed to the original accusation of a solely Monophysite/ single nature position by the western churches? If the teachings of the Coptic Orthodox Church are, however, purely Monophysite, is there hope of the doctrine being formally tempered and qualified by the teachings of Bishop Hippolytus, who is held in veneration by all the eastern/ oriental churches?.. I believe these teachings as handed down by Bishop Hippolytus and others of the ancient Fathers from the Apostles themselves, may be a bridge between the extremes of Monophysite and Duophysite camps.. Please enlighten me as to the truth of this vital matter... Kind Regards from Australia from Peter Cvek.....

RE: Monophysitism - Dougherty - 25-06-2012

we are "Miaphysites" not mono, mono suggests a simple unity, in short we hold that Christ is fully human and fully divine by distinction without division. Fr. Peter Farrington has a great book on lulu called Orthodox Christology, HIGHLY encouraged on the topic!he is also currently making podcasts of the book, here is the first chapter... God Bless!

RE: Monophysitism - Peter Cvek - 25-06-2012

I have just heard Father Peter Farrington' podcast, and thank you dearly for supplying the link... The position of consubstantiality of Christ's humanity, and of his Divinity without confused mingling of natures is clearly delineated as the true teaching of the Eastern Orthodox Churches today. This is very heartening indeed. Miaphysitism, it appears to me, is infact not only what Cyril of Alexandria taught ( who has been calumnied by the west for many unjust reasons, including the death of the heathen Hypatia), but what that other great, yet greatly maligned saint, Bishop Hippolytus of Rome, also taught on the very same point of Christology, some two centuries earlier..What Cyril codified in theological Terminology, Hippolytus, it seems to me, presented in theological Typology. Just as Christ's UNITED and consubstantial natures are woven seamlessly, the " garment" has been over the centuries rent by covetous Roman " theological" soldiers, with parts going here, others there, and nothing but confusion, rending, mayhem and false claims everywhere. Thank you for this very well presented podcast from Father Peter Farrington.. Peter Cvek...

RE: Monophysitism - Dougherty - 25-06-2012

he has the second chapter in this podcast
And the third here
Again id get the book!