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Aerial Toll-Booths - DanielM - 09-04-2012

Hi everyone,

I have recently read some discussions on both EO and OO forums about the idea of the Aerial Toll-Booths after death and I am wondering if anyone with some knowledge on the matter can help.

Many from the EO side are saying that it is taught (though controversially) but not labelled doctrine, from the OO it seems generally unheard of but when you look at prayers and teachings of church fathers such as Cyril of Alexandria the teaching is supported.

Can anyone give an educated opinion on this.

Thanks, from Daniel

RE: Aerial Toll-Booths - Dougherty - 10-04-2012

Fr Seraphim Rose i believe spoke much on this topic in his books. Its not a held doctrine but my understanding is that its an allusion to the trials/attacks the soul takes after death... although i havent studied it in depth

RE: Aerial Toll-Booths - DanielM - 10-04-2012

Yes, Fr Seraphim Rose was condemned for his emphasis on it but seems to have been backed up by many Theologians in the EO tradition so it is disputed.

My interest is more on the OO view though, since there are prayers that seem to suggest that thre is a struggle post-death but it is never discussed.

Someone that has some idea of this please help. Tongue