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Syria - kirk yacoub - 21-02-2012

Today HE Mor Athanasios Toma informed me that 30 members of the Syriac Orthodox Church have been killed in the city of Homs in Syria. Many more have been injured. PLease pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died and for peace to come to Syria

Kirk Yacoub

RE: Syria - kirk yacoub - 22-02-2012

We implore You, Mariam Yoldath Aloho, Mary the Mother of God, through the power of Your Holy, revered and miraculous relic, Your girdle which You gave to St Thomas the Apostle and which is housed with great love, devotion and respect in the Syriac Orthodox Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Homs, northern Syria, please protect the people of the beleaguered city of Homs. May Your Holy relic shine forth as a beacon of love and hope, bringing the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son and our God, to that city and to all Syria.
Oh Lady Mary, send forth Your Angels of Peace!

Kirk Yacoub

RE: Syria - DanielM - 26-02-2012


The people of Syria will be in my prayers.