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Hey Guys... - Dougherty - 07-02-2012

Hey its Ferdia, this will be my new account i suppose as i could not log in or retrieve my password on the other account. Just so you all know Big Grin

RE: Hey Guys... - Trevor Maskery - 08-02-2012

I will try and merge the two accounts for you.
sorry for the disruption. If anyone has a similar problem use the BOC website's contact form and I will sort out their account.


RE: Hey Guys... - Trevor Maskery - 08-02-2012

Done. hope that helps. If anyone wants a username change etc please let me know. Thanks

RE: Hey Guys... - Dougherty - 08-02-2012

awesome! thank you!

RE: Hey Guys... - Antony-Paul - 13-02-2012

OK, Ferdia, I give up!

Please translate your sign-off words! I'm sure they are worth understanding. :-)

RE: Hey Guys... - Dougherty - 13-02-2012

HAHA It's it Jesus Prayer in Gaeilge Wink


A Thiarna - Lord
Íosa Críost - Jesus Christ
A Mhic Dé - son of God
déan trócaire orm - have mercy on
mar is peacach mé - me a sinner

literally its a lot rougher that that but thats the Irish language for ya Wink

RE: Hey Guys... - Antony-Paul - 14-02-2012

Thanks,Ferdia. Marvellous to have it in another language, since He speaks to all people. I shall note it in my archives, although I don't fancy trying to pronounce it!

RE: Hey Guys... - Dougherty - 14-02-2012

kinda like this...

uh HEER-nuh EE-suh KREE-ust, uh vik jay, jayn TROH-kuh-reh OR-um, mar iss PAK-ukh may

RE: Hey Guys... - aleezysam - 13-11-2013

Hey guys was just wondering who of us all has skype? It would be cool to be able to chat with some of you guys! My account is Anthony.Dougherty