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Key areas - DanielM - 16-12-2011

Hi everyone.

I have noticed that this education section has been dwindling in content and activity, so was wondering what are the key concepts people would like posted up here.

If people give specific areas of Orthodoxy which they would like to have information on then I am sure that someone (Whether it be a Priest of the Church or just a forum member) could help cover it.

If people would like to mention any key sections that they would like covered we can pass these on and perhaps get a good amount of information up. Please feel welcome to post them on here.

In Christ,

- Dougherty - 17-12-2011

seeing as how this is at the least be a place for people curious of Orthodoxy and at the most a meeting place for Orthodox new and old. I think the basic foundational catechesis of some sort would be appropriate and possibly stickied...