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Oxford area - tombaker1709 - 26-11-2011

Hi all, Really interested in the orthodox church, after plenty of research and watching videos of services, i really want to experience it first hand! Is there any one in the Oxford area who is also interested?

- Dougherty - 27-11-2011

i dont know that area much but from what i can see on google maps, there are two "near" you within the BOC

Services held in St Thomas’ Parish Church
Maryon Road

Services As Announced

Deacon Wulfric Ashdown,
6 Orchard View,
Ham Street,

Telephone: (01458) 850885

- Antony-Paul - 27-11-2011

Hello Tom,

Just to add a little to Ferdia's reply, you may find Charlton a bit of a pain to get to, being on the opposite side of London to Oxford. You might consider either of our south coast parishes at Bournemouth and Portsmouth. Depending on exactly where you live they are fairly easy to access via the A34 and M3. Bournemouth is every Sunday, and Portsmouth is the second Saturday each month, so this coming Saturday is our next Portsmouth Liturgy. Address and contact details are on the BOC website, but if it helps you can bell me on 078 7049 0085 and I'll do my best to answer queries or give directions.

- Antony-Paul - 27-11-2011


I'm sorry, but I had a grey moment in my reply!

Our next Liturgy in Portsmouth is not this coming Saturday, but the second Saturday, ie 10th.

- Dougherty - 27-11-2011

haha like i said i dont know the area... just what i see on the maps Big Grin