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More clashes in Egypt - vrc - 09-10-2011

Just saw this on the bbc website:

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Not good news, but I suppose it is an ongoing situation, but now seems to be reaching quite a pitch.

- Antony-Paul - 10-10-2011

Good to hear from you - I hope you are well.

Yesterday we received a new catechumen, Shirley, at Portsmouth, and her husband is a Copt. He is still in Egypt and awaiting a visa to come and join her here. He keeps in touch with her, and the news is very worrying. We continue to pray for Egypt and in particular for the Copts.

- DanielM - 10-10-2011


I have a friend living in Luxor who had to cancel going to Cairo today because of the violence against any Copts heading there. It seems that the Army is contuing to stand in support of the extremists.

The images coming out of Cairo are disgusting with the army stooting and running down innocent protestors. I hope that the world actually speaks out about it this time and takes a stand against this monster they have helped create.

- vrc - 10-10-2011

I hope so too.