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IOCS- The Way... - Dougherty - 09-06-2011

So i was curious even though it is eastern catechetical course what do you think about using this to gain some of the universal concepts of Orthodoxy? I know there was once a plan here to put together something but just curious if this would line up with the BOC teachings?

- DanielM - 09-06-2011

Hi Ferdia, from what people have previously said to me about this course, and my own personal experience having owned it few month now, it is very much centered to the Byzantine Orthodox views.

One example is that one of the lecturers was said to have "converted to Orthodoxy from Coptic Christianity" emphasising that they do not see the Oriental Orthodox family as being Orthodox.

There are some things on Orthodoxy in there which are interesting and it is a good course for someone trying to get a very broad and basic understanding of what Orthodoxy is considered to be from the Byantine perspective but at the time times is EXTREMELY byzantine centric.

I hope someone could go into more detail on this or give a view.

- Dougherty - 12-06-2011

LAME! lol if they are going to do an ORTHODOX thing make it ORTHODOX not just Greek lol i also came across this... though i hear its not reall in depth... sad days

RE: IOCS- The Way... - DanielM - 27-07-2013

The main issue is not that it is too religious but that it is bias against the Oriental Community. This is a common problem in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.