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Kelly & her mother - vrc - 18-05-2011

I would like to ask for prayers for two people:

1. my much-loved niece Kelly, who suddenly passed away (cause as yet unknown) recently at the young age of 28
2. her mother, my ex-Sister in law, who is distraught and not eating, and whose life has been marked deeply by stress and strain already before this sad turn of events.

Please pray for the journeying soul of Kelly, now in her Father's domain; and for her mother's struggle to understand her loss, to find answers and ultimately, to find peace.

Thank you very much for all prayers.

- Antony-Paul - 19-05-2011

Dear vrc,

May the Lord receive the soul of your niece into paradise, and may the Holy Ghost comfort your ex-sister-in-law and grant her peace of mind. I shall remember them both especially in my prayers this evening.

God Bless them both.

- vrc - 19-05-2011

Dear Antony-Paul
Thank you so much for including both Kelly and Rewa (her mother) in your prayers
Much appreciated