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Job Interview - Dougherty - 05-05-2011

So I finally got accepted to the second stage in an application process. I am applying for a Train Conductor here in Kansas City. The inter view is the 17th, I Really have been praying to get this as trains are still very big in Europe it will be a great way for immigration. Thanks guys!

- Antony-Paul - 06-05-2011

Well done! I did not know you were trying for this job, but I wish you well, and will pray for your success.

- Dougherty - 06-05-2011

thank you! Yeah i applied to a couple of conductor positions around here got rejected from all but this one... so im trying to be hopeful hahah

- Dougherty - 26-08-2011

Pray for me I have an examination thursday that will lead to a interview with a major rail road in the states(bnsf)... With it I can start saving up to move there and gain experience...

- Dougherty - 01-09-2011

10 hours till the exam.. about to go to sleep. Thank you for your prayers

- Dougherty - 21-09-2011

got another interview thurs at 10 AM CST keep me in prayer!

- Dougherty - 29-09-2011

SO... I have a second interview set up for the 6th if this one goes well the job will be mine! PRAY FOR ME!!

- vrc - 09-10-2011

any further news, Ferdia?

- Dougherty - 09-10-2011

vrc Wrote:any further news, Ferdia?
waiting to hear back from them... I'll let you all know as soon a s i do

- Dougherty - 13-10-2011

okay, so I got word back yesterday and was offered the job! I start the 26th pray that the move and transition works smoothly

- vrc - 13-10-2011

congratulations, and good luck with it all!

Praying for your success.