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British Orthodox Facebook groups - DanielM - 21-04-2011

Hi everyone,

I noticed that there was an error with the previous topic about this, and no posts seem to exist in it. I will repost it with some additions now.

Incase anyone on here has a facebook account and wants to be kept updated on, or share information with people via social networking there are two current British Orthodox facebook groups.

There is the main British Orthodox Church group:
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Also, there is the south coast one, which I add to on occasion (but would be more than happy for others to also)
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If anyone knows of any more of the fellowships or Churches with groups, please add them here, so we can help promote the church via this highly useful (yet addictive) tool.

RE: British Orthodox Facebook groups - addme - 04-02-2014

Now one can argue, as many would, that all this is has it has long been, rules is rules and all of that; but how far does that accord with repentance and renewal? One might, of course, wish to say that being divorced and remarried is such a sin that it debars one from the Church, although there might be individual circumstances which would allow some amelioration of the general rule - but if that is what is thought, ought it not to be said outright?