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THE WAY Introductory Course to the Orthodox Faith - DanielM - 01-12-2010

I just found this info on the OCP site, it may be of use for a catechumenate course.


The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies – University city of Cambridge

The Introductory Course to the Orthodox Faith, THE WAY, has been launched as a DVD & CD boxset on 7 October 2010, at St Botolph’s Church without Bishopsgate, London, in the presence of Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh, representing the Pan-Orthodox Assembly of Bishops with Churches in the British Isles.

The course is published by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge, United Kingdom, and is distributed by Gazelle Book Services; it contains a CD entitled ‘How to Run THE WAY’ and four DVDs of the original speakers (Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Professor David Frost, Fr. Michael Harper, Miss Gladys Bland, Dr. Christine Mangala Frost, Fr. Raphael Armour, Fr. Demetrios Bathrellos, Mr. John Bazlinton).


It is basically a DVD set from an introduction to Orthodoxy course run by Cambridge university.

Here is the amazon link:
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here is the Gazelle books site:
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- vrc - 01-12-2010

thank you so much, Daniel - this sounds very interesting indeed.

- DanielM - 18-12-2010

My copy of this arrived today, and it is very interesting and useful.

It comes with a 12 lecture series covering many aspects of the history and theology of the Orthodox Church, mainly from Byzantine and Academic sources.
The 5th disk is full of resources such as images, the talks in PDF Format, the Powerpoints to go with them, as well as some sound files to accompany them.
I would recommend it for Catechumens, Enquirers and anyone interested in learning about the faith as a whole.

- Antony-Paul - 18-12-2010

Hi Daniel,
I'm waiting for my copy too. It certainly sounds interesting.