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Coptic orthodoxy - DanielM - 09-10-2010

Hi Everyone.

I have recently recieved some quite rude comments from a Byzantine Orthodox Christian on the internet, after i posted a picture of Abba Shenouda on an Orthodox fansite. This person is insistant that the Coptic Church are not Orthodox. He argues that this is because of the Council of Chalcedon, and since the slplit then, Baptism into Orthodoxy from Coptic churches are not Orthodox. Can someone enlighten me as to this situation, as his comments are becoming quite a annoyance.

- neil boorman - 10-10-2010

hi danielm,

in the absence of someone more qualified than i to answer your query here are my brief thoughts on the matter...

firstly you should point this person to <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> where they will find various joint statements by bishops of both oriental and eastern orthodox traditions agreeing that both families of churches are properly orthodox, so this person is in contradiction of some his own bishops!

also i would like to say that it seems strange that it's always the eastern orthodox who claim that we're not orthodox and not the other way around... now, not that i'm suggesting that any of us would be that ungracious but surely who's orthodox and who isn't very much depends on which side of the divide you're sitting on Big Grin

christology is not my specialist subject and this was basically what the split was about along with some politics which i don't really understand so hopefully fr simon or fr peter or someone else will be able to further enlighten on this matter


- Fr Simon - 10-10-2010

Dear Daniel and Seraphim,

If you want Christology then Fr Peter's your man rather than me. He is an able theologian and Christology is his specialist area of interest. I have copied below a posting of his from the education section which may be of interest. As for the man who is in disagreement with his own bishops I have come across this before and if I play that card I am swiftly corrected that the bishops in question have evidently gone off the rails into heresy by agreeing with us! A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still! Sometimes you simply have to accept that's how someone else sees things and just get on with being an Orthodox Christian whether or not he recognises you as one.


Dear brothers and sisters,

I have just published a collection of some of my articles and papers on Orthodox Christology and other Orthodox topics. The book is available from my publishers website. If any of you think it would be of interest then do please consider buying a copy, and passing the news of its publication to any friends who might be interested.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... y/10969273</a><!-- m -->

Father Peter

- vrc - 10-10-2010


my own tuppence worth would be to tell him that the recognition you most adhere to is that of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and that everyone else is somewhat secondary.

Not that I am trying to prompt you or anything. Oh, no. :lol:

- DanielM - 12-10-2010

In the end I just took the civil approach.... And deleted all of his comments.

As you have all pointed out here, My faith, rather than other's opinions, should be my main focus.

Coptic Orthodoxy - kirk yacoub - 15-10-2010

When I lived and worked in Poland, a predominantly Roman Catholic country, I asked to be communed by Poland's Eastern Orthodox Church, but was refused. This refusal caused some embarrasment with some members of that Church who, quietly - it was a decision taken by the highest authority - told me that this was a matter of ignorance.
Although "officially" the leaders of the Eastern Orthodox Church accept that the Oriental Orthodox Churches are Orthodox, decisions are left to local bishops, who may or may not be ignorant.
Let us pray for Church unity, a thing which will only achieved by the Holy Spirit in response to our prayers and behaviour.

Kirk Yacoub