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Stem Cell research and donation. - DanielM - 29-07-2010

Hi everyone.

I recently read an article that His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians koined the Stem Cell donation registry and says he encourages everyone to register in order to help people.

I was just wondering what peoples views are on stem cell research and conation, as I know that many aspects of this (especially through fetal research) are considered controversial.

- vrc - 06-08-2010

personal view:

a lot of 'research' appears to my mind to be the 'science of demons'. Sorry, but I don't approve of pig's organs being transplanted across species, especially into humans. Am not even sure I like the idea of transplants at all.

Likewise, I don't approve of GM in general.

Stem cells - don't know enough about it to have any kind of authoritative view, but I would not donate nor be recipient of these cells. Nor would I accept or donate blood.

I believe that we need to learn to accept the fact of our mortal demise in our fallen state. Immortality will come to us in due course, through our spiritual endeavours, not by chopping up everything that lives.

Only God creates.