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Patriarch Mesrob of Constantinople - Fr Gregory - 03-07-2010

Please remember in your prayers His Beatitude Mesrob II Mutafyan, the 84th Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople, who was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s Disease in 2008. His health has greatly deteriorated and on July 2, 2010, the Head of the Religious Council of the Armenian Patriarchate, Archbishop Aram Ateshyan, was elected Deputy Patriarch of Constantinople because His Beatitude is no longer able to perform his duties.

Metropolitan Seraphim and I had the privilege of meeting His Beatitude in Constantinople when he was Archbishop of the Prince’s Islands under Patriarch Karekin II Kazanjian of Constantinople, and travelled with him on a pilgrimage in Turkey.

He was elected Patriarch of Constantinople in 1998.

His Beatitude was a man of great humility, generosity, scholarship and good humour, and showed us wonderful hospitality.

May God preserve him in peace!

Fr Gregory