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Job Interview - DanielM - 30-06-2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

I have a Job interview tomorrow.

Please pray for me at this time.

In Christ,

- Severus - 01-07-2010

Hope the interview goes well. I pray that you may get the job which is best for you, so there might be something better out there ! "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans VIII: 28)

- Antony-Paul - 01-07-2010

Dear Daniel,

May the Holy Ghost guide you in your interview today.

- vrc - 01-07-2010


How did it go? Is is the sort of place in which you could see yourself working happily - or not?

- DanielM - 01-07-2010

Unfortunately I did not get the job.
I was told I came in as a close second though, which was very good, as there were four candidates.

Fortunately today i was also offered an interview for a position teaching Philosophy and Religion at a college in my own town (the one I went to funnily enough). This does seem like a brilliant position, and maybe it is Gods will for me to teach nearer home instead, so I am looking foward to the iterview on Tuesday, I will have to teach about Aquinas and Natural Law which I should be good at. Big Grin

Thank you for all your prayers, they certainly were felt.

In Christ,

- Antony-Paul - 02-07-2010

Dear Daniel,

I shall continue praying for you. Perhaps it is God's will that you should have had a 'dry run' to hone up your interview skills. I wish you every success for next week.