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More catechumens - Fr Simon - 27-06-2010

Just to announce the encouraging news of our latest catechumens - received into the catechumenate Saturday 12th June in our Portsmouth Liturgy was Edmund Humphreys and received into the catechumenate today, Sunday 27th June, in our Sayers Common Liturgy Victoria Cooper. Please pray for these that their time as catechumens may be richly blessed by God and that they will go on to baptism and chrismation and to enjoy holy communion, receiving the Body and Blood of Christ from our British Orthodox altars.

- neil boorman - 27-06-2010

please be assured of mine and sue's prayers for both


- Antony-Paul - 27-06-2010

Dear Edmund and Victoria are in my prayers. May God bless them and give them the grace they need to continue on their journey to Him.